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    Health and Financial Wellness – Dr. Susan Scharf, MD – Gluten Insights

    by Peter J. Creedon

    Have you ever thought that there might be a link between your physical health and your wealth? A study from Washington University published in Psychology Science shows that there is in fact a correlation between poor physical and financial health. Individuals who tend to take care of their finances are also taking care of their health and vice versa.


    In the Markets: Week-Ending December 4

    by Peter J. Creedon

    U.S. stocks rallied on Friday with the S&P 500 and Dow industrials posting their biggest one-day gains in nearly three months. Investors took a strong U.S. jobs report as a further indication that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates this month. Comments from European Central Bank President Mario Draghi, who said the bank can do more monetary stimulus if needed, also helped lift markets.


    In the Markets: Week-Ending November 27, 2015

    by Peter J. Creedon

    Energy stocks fell alongside oil prices, while Walt Disney Co. DIS, -shares fell today 2.98% after the media giant said in a regulatory filing that its ESPN sports network lost 3 million subscribers this year (1) and about 7 million over the last two years (1). Healthcare conglomerates continue merging at a fast pace with Pfizer and Allergan deal. Consumer confidence comes in lower than expected.


    What Keeps You Up At Night? Protecting Your Business and Personal Life Financially

    by Peter J. Creedon

    On Thursday November 19th, CEO Peter J. Creedon had the pleasure of speaking to inspiring entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses at Impact Bazaar about what keeps them up at night and how to protect their businesses and personal lives financially.

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